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A Vital Progressivism
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Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 19 Bibliography.

Ida B. Wells Barnett

Women in History - Ida B. Wells Barnett biography
A brief biography of Wells, with a reference to her anti-lynching crusade.

Progress of a People: Ida B. Wells-Barnett
A brief biography of Wells, with a reference to her anti-lynching crusade.

The Progress of a People - Ida B. Wells - Barnett
A short biography of Wells and a portrait.

Ida B. Wells: Crusade for Justice
A biography of Wells with a reference to her crusade against lynching.

Ida B. Wells-Barnett and Her Passion for Justice
A biography and a photo of Wells with information about her crusade against lynching.

Susan, Suzette & Francis Laflesche

Susan LaFlesche Picotte
A biography of Susan LaFlesche Picotte.

Susette ("Bright Eyes") LaFlesche Tibbles
A biography of Susette LaFlesche Tibbles.

An Indian Allotment. - La Flesche, Francis
The text of An Indian Allotment, by Francis LaFlesche.

Carlisle Indian School Photos

Carlisle Indian Industrial School History
The story of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, with photos and related links.

Lakota Boys Entering Carlisle
A photo of three Lakota boys on their arrival at the Carlisle Indian School.

Lakota Boys at Carlisle
A photo of the three Lakota Boys, in the process of de-culturalization, at the Carlisle Indian School.

Carlisle Indian Industrial School
Information on the Carlisle Indian School with a photo of Tom Torlino (Navajo) as he appeared when he arrived at the school and then a photo of him three years later.

Charles Alexander Eastman on Society of American Indians

Ohiyesa (Dr. Charles Alexander Eastman) Santee Sioux
Excerpts from writings and quotations of Charles Alexander Eastman, with links to his writings.

PAL: Charles Alexander Eastman, Sioux/Ohiyesa, (1858-1939)
A bibliography and links to the texts of Eastman's writings.

American Experience - America 1900 - People and Events - Charles Alexander Eastman
A brief biography of Eastman.

Indian Boyhood
The text of Eastman's Indian Boyhood.

The Madness of a Bald Eagle
The text of Eastman's The Madness of a Bald Eagle.

Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington NM Visitor Information Page
A brief profile and photo of Booker T. Washington, with related links, including one to a more in-depth biography.

African American Odyssey - The Booker T. Washington Era
An illustrated history of the Booker T. Washington era. Includes biographical information on Booker T. Washington as well as information on the Tuskegee Institute.

Douglass | Booker T. Washington, "Industrial Education for the Negro"
The text of Washington's speech "Industrial Education for the Negro."

Booker T. Washington, My Larger Education
A photo of Booker T. Washington with links to a biography as well as the text and illustrations of My Larger Education: Being Chapters from My Experience.

Today in History: September 18
The history of Booker T. Washington's "Atlanta Compromise" speech, with a photo and related links.

DuBois on "Twoness"

W. E. B. DuBois 1868 - 1963
A biography of DuBois with an excerpt from a chapter from DuBois' book The Souls of Black Folk. Includes DuBois' "Twoness" quote.

Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Between Individualism and Fragmentation: American Culture and the New Literary Studies of Race and Gender
An article about American identity, with DuBois' "Twoness" quote.



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