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Capital and Labor
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The Elections of 1896 and 1900 Key Events Maps Transcript Webography

Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 17 Bibliography.

J. Pierpont Morgan

The American Experience | America 1900 | People & Events
A brief profile and a small photo of Morgan.

Theodore Dreiser

Theodore Dreiser
A biography.

Jacob Riis

Biography of Jacob Riis
A brief biography of Jacob Riis.

The Richmond Hill Historical Society - About Jacob Riis
A biography and photos of Jacob Riis.

Riis Photos/Text, How the Other Half Lives

How the Other Half Lives
The text and illustrations of Jacob Riis' How the Other Half Lives: Studies among the Tenements of New York.

William Jennings Bryan

1896: William Jennings Bryan
An illustrated biography of William Jennings Bryan with related links.

Today in History: March 19
An illustrated biography of William Jennings Bryan with related links.

William Jennings Bryan, The American Presidency
A brief synopsis Bryan's life and achievements.

The American Experience | America 1900 | The Film & More
An account of William Jennings Bryan's 1886 campaign strategy.

The American Experience | America 1900 | People & Events
A biography and a photo of Bryan.

William McKinley

William McKinley
A biography and a photo of McKinley.

The Era of William McKinley
A photo of McKinley and McKinley related links.

1896: William McKinley
A biography of McKinley with a photo of him and related links.

Biography of William McKinley
A biography of McKinley.

John Mitchell

A Brief History of the UMWA
A brief history of the United Mine Workers of America.

The Mine Worker's Life and Aims
The text of John Mitchell's The Mine Worker's Life and Aims, with accompanying photos.

Today in History: October 3
An illustrated history of the anthracite coal strike with related links.

The American Experience | America 1900 | Enhanced Transcript
An enhanced transcript of the presidential campaign of 1900, with a reference to John Mitchell and the coal strike, and a link to a brief Mitchell biography.

The Progress of the World
http://ehistory.osu.edu/osu/mmh/gildedage/1902anthracitestrike/content/progressofworld.cfm A detailed account of the coal strikes, J.P. Morgan's involvement, how the presidential campaigns were affected, etc. Includes photos and a paragraph on Mitchell as a strike leader.

The American Experience | America 1900 | The Film & More
A John Mitchell profile.


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