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The New City
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Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 15 Bibliography.

Daniel Burnham

Today in History - September 4
Biographical information on Burnham with illustrations and related links.

Daniel H. Burnham
Biographical information on Burnham with photos and related links.

The City Beautiful Movement
A history of Chicago in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Includes information on Daniel Burnham and his role in the City Beautiful movement.

Louis Sullivan

Louis Sullivan
A biography of Sullivan with a few photos of his work.

Louis Sullivan
A brief profile of Sullivan and photos of the buildings he designed.

Louis Sullivan
Background and photos of Sullivan's works.

Today in History: September 3
Biographical information on Sullivan with photos and related links.

William Dean Howells

The 1893 Columbian Exposition
An account of the 1893 Wold Fair with a Howell quote.

World's Columbian Exposition: Idea, Experience, Aftermath
Provides links to a virtual tour of the Fair, the legacy of the Fair, etc. Includes a reference to Howells' A Traveller from Altruria.

The William Dean Howells Society Site
A photo of Howells and a page of links to Howells related sites.

A Traveller from Altruria - W. D. Howells
The text of A Traveller from Altruria, sections of which focus on the meaning of the Columbian Exposition.

The Reason Why the Colored American Is Not in the World's Columbian Exposition
Background information on the Exposition and the Wells/Douglass pamphlet.

Marshall Field

People in the West - Marshall Field
A brief biography of Field.

Jazz Age Chicago - Marshall Field and Company
An illustrated account of the origins and growth of Marshall Field.

Dreiser, Sister Carrie

Theodore Dreiser - Sister Carrie
The text of the novel Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser.

Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser
The text of the novel Sister Carrie, by Theodore Dreiser.

Charles Yerkes

Yerkes Observatory -Virtual Museum - People -Yerkes
A photo of Yerkes and links to three Yerkes biographies.

Astronomical Figures, University of Chicago Magazine, February 1997
A biography of Charles Yerkes.

Jane Addams

Jane Addams Hull-House Museum Home Page
The home page for the Hull-House Museum. Provides links to a biography of Jane Addams, a chronology of Jane Addams, works by Jane Addams, etc.

Women in History - Jane Addams Biography
A biography and a photo of Jane Addams with links to more Addams sites.

Jane Addams, "Why Women Should Vote," 1915
The text of Jane Addams pamphlet, "Why Women Should Vote."

Florence Kelley

Florence Kelley -- A Woman of Fierce Fidelity
A photo of Kelley and an outline of her role in social reform.

Florence Kelley, "Working Woman's Need of the Ballot,"
The text of Florence Kelley's, Working Woman's Need of the Ballot.

Frederick Jackson Turner

The Frontier In American History
A photo of Turner and the text of The Frontier In American History.

People in the West - Frederick Jackson Turner
Biographical information on Turner with a summary of his thesis, The Frontier In American History.


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