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Industrial Supremacy
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Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 14 Bibliography.

Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes
A portrait and a biography of Hayes.

The Internet Public Library - Presidents of the United States -- Rutherford Birchard Hayes
A Rutherford B. Hayes profile, with presidential election results, a list of his Cabinet members, etc. Includes links to other Hayes sites and to related historical documents.

Rutherford B. Hayes
A photo and a profile of Hayes with a few related links.

The Diary and Letters of Rutherford B. Hayes
3,000 pages of searchable diary entries from Hayes at age 12 until his death in 1893 at age 70. Also provides links to his letters and papers.

Today in History: October 4
An illustrated biography of Hayes with related links.

Darkness and Light- The Interwar Years, l865-1898
An American military history from 1865-1898. Includes an account of the railroad strike and Hayes' use of federal troops.

Marshall Field

People in the West - Marshall Field
A brief biography of Field.

Jazz Age Chicago - Marshall Field and Company
An illustrated account of the origins and growth of Marshall Field.

Philip Armour

Armour Packing Company
The history of the Armour Packing Company in Kansas City.

Gustavus Swift

The Cases of Daniel McCallum and Gustavus Swift
The stories of McCallum and Swift.

Refrigerator Cars (Reefers) History
The history of the development of refrigerator cars.

Andrew Carnegie

American Experience: The Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie
A comprehensive Carnegie site, with links to many aspects of his life and work, including a background of the steel mill, timelines, a biography, excerpts from his diary and letters, etc.

History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries
A portrait of Carnegie with many links to Carnegie related sites.

Today in History - March 12
A brief biography of Carnegie with related links.

About Carnegie Corporation
A biography of Carnegie with a photo.

Bridging the Urban Landscape: Andrew Carnegie: A Tribute
An analysis of Carnegie with a photo and related links.

Modern History Sourcebook: Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth, 1889
An introduction and the text of Carnegie's Wealth, from the North American Review.

The Steel Industry

Bessemer Process
A description and history of the Bessemer converter.

Steel Manufacturing
A history of steel manufacture.

William Le Baron Jenney

Le Baron Jenney
A brief profile of Jenney with a photo and links to the buildings he designed.

American Experience: Technology in America: Telephone: Timeline
An interactive timeline with a reference to Jenney's skyscraper.

Today in History - September 20
Provides a reference to Jenney and the world's first tall building; the ten-story Home Insurance Company Building in Chicago. Includes a photo of the building.

Great Uprising of 1877

Reconstructing Representation
A chapter from the American Social History Project with an account of the Great Uprising and illustrations from a local newspaper.

Kearneyism, the Chinese, and Labor Unrest in California - 1877
An account of the labor unrest in California in 1877.

William Dean Howells on technology

Corliss Steam Engine
A picture of the Corliss steam engine and William Dean Howells' quotation, "It is in ...things of iron and steel."

Mechanization takes Command
An excerpt from The Incorporation of America: Culture and Society in the Gilded Age. Includes a paragraph on Howells and the full quotation "It is in...things of iron and steel..."

The William Dean Howells Society site
A Howells site with a photo and related links.

The Chicago Stockyards

A Brief Sketch of Working People's History in Illinois
An essay on the history of working people in Illinois.

Rudyard Kipling

The Kipling Society
A Rudyard Kipling site, with a biography, links to his writings, a chronology, a picture file, etc.



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