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The Coming of the Civil War
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Program 10: The Coming of the Civil War

Donald L. Miller with Pauline Maier, Waldo E. Martin, Jr., and Stephen Ambrose


Miller: Manifest Destiny. The belief that it is God's will for America to expand in the Pacific, a belief common to both North and South.

Maier: I mean, if you think about it, there are far more bonds holding the South to the rest of the nation by the middle of the 19th century than there were at the end of the 18th. Certainly they have these common traditions.

Martin: It strikes me that one of the things that's happening is Manifest Destiny, a whole creation of the nation as the nation in the 19th Century.

Maier: Racism holds the nation together in some utterly bizarre way. It isn't something which divides North and South; it's something which binds them together.

Miller: Differences overwhelm common bonds. Today on A Biography of America, "The Coming of the Civil War".

Page 1234


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