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Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 9 Bibliography.

Frederick Law Olmsted

Chronology On The History Of Slavery And Racism 1830 To The End
A chronology on the history of slavery. Includes a paragraph on Olmsted.

Olmsted's A Journey in the Seaboard States

Frederick Law Olmsted: A Journey in the Seaboard States
The text of Frederick Law Olmsted's A Journey in the Seaboard States. An account of Southern society and slavery.

Frederick Law Olmsted - A Journey in the Seaboard States (1856)
The text of Frederick Law Olmsted's A Journey in the Seaboard States, an account of Southern society and slavery.

George Fitzhugh

Fitzhugh, George "Cannibals All! -or, Slaves without Masters"
The text of Fitzhugh's Cannibals All! or, Slaves Without Masters, with a title page illustration and biographical information on Fitzhugh.

Jefferson on the Missouri Compromise

Kansas and Kansans - Ch. 12
Information on the Missouri Compromise.

USA - An Index on Thomas Jefferson
A comprehensive site on presidents. The Jefferson pages include his Inaugural Addresses, State of the Nation Addresses, an autobiography, etc. Link to #260 in his letters for the Missouri Compromise letter.

John Henry Hammond

James Henry Hammond - Cotton is King
The text of the Cotton is King speech given before the United States Senate.

Cotton Gin
Information on the cotton gin, with a reference to James Hammond and his quote about cotton.

The War Years
A site about South vs. North with political cartoons and a reference to the Hammond speech.

Mary Chesnut

Mary Boykin Miller Chesnut, 1823-1886
The full text of Mary Boykin Chestnut's "Diary from Dixie," with commentary and links to additional resources.

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass - The Heroic Slave
A Douglass site with biographical information.

Africans in America - Frederick Douglass
Provides biographical information on Douglass and a link to his portrait. Includes a reference to The Narrative.

A Short Biography of Frederick Douglass
A short biography of Frederick Douglass with links to three of his speeches.

Douglass Narrative

Frederick Douglass: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave
The text of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, with a biography of Douglass and the preface by William Lloyd Garrison.

Frederick Douglass Portrait
A comprehensive Douglass site with images, a biography, links to his writings including The Narrative, and other related links.

The Life of Frederick Douglass
A Douglass biography, with links to The Narrative, as well as other related links.

USA: Frederick Douglass
The autobiography of Frederick Douglass with an introduction.

PAL: Frederick Douglass (1818-1895)
Provides links to Douglass's achievements, primary works, selected bibliography, etc.

Freedman's letter to first wife

A Lost Love in Slavery
The text of the letter to Laura Spicer.

Confessions of Nat Turner

Confessions of Nat Turner
An introduction to and the text of The Confessions of Nat Turner. Also includes information about the insurrection and court proceedings, and provides a list of people murdered, etc.

Africans in America/Part 3/The Confessions of Nat Turner
The context of and a link to text of The Confessions of Nat Turner, as well as a scanned cover of the document and related links.

Nat Turner 1800? - 1831 - The Confessions of Nat Turner, the Leader of the Late Insurrection in Southhampton, VA.
Provides a link to text of The Confessions of Nat Turner, as well as a scanned cover of the document.

African American Odyssey - Slavery, the Peculiar Institution
Documents and incidents from the history of slavery, including a description of Nat Turner's story and confessions with a scanned cover of the original papers.


John C. Calhoun, "Slavery a Positive Good," 6 February 1837
The text of Calhoun's speech, Slavery is a Positive Good.

Today in History, January 13th - The Nullification Crisis
Information on Calhoun's defense of slavery. Provides a link to the original text of Calhoun's speech against the Compromise of 1850.

Charleston Mercury

Charleston Mercury Extra
A scanned cover of the Charleston Mercury.



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