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The Reform Impulse
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The Events of 1831 Key Events Maps Transcript Webography
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All years are significant, but some seem more transformative than others. Contemporaries recognized 1831 as a critical year because of the major events that took place in different arenas. By looking at a variety of issues, we can see connections and relationships that add depth to our understanding of how a year can stand as a symbol and agent of deep historical change. In 1831, for example, the issues of state versus national power exploded in a variety of arenas -- Nat Turner, the Cherokee Indians, the debate over the tariff, party battles, internal improvements -- and these events altered the political vocabulary of the nation.

Other years, as well, can be examined as windows onto a changing national and international landscape. Certainly 1968, with its student rebellions and cultural insurgencies, stands as such a year, and more recently, 1989, with shattering world events taking place in Beijing, Berlin, Panama City, and San Francisco. History requires that we think about change over time, and certain years allow us to focus on the moment when one state of affairs yields to another.


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