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The Rise of Capitalism
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Program 7: The Rise of Capitalism/The Invisible Hand

Donald L. Miller and Louis P. Masur

Miller: America experiences a great surge of commercial development, technological innovation, and industrial growth at the beginning of the 19th century. You can't just declare it and say we had this fascination with gadgetry, and technology has done so much for us, and we've become world leaders. Well, how did that happen?

Masur: Well, the legal system changes dramatically in order to encourage individualistic economic competition, precisely in this period. This is also a story about winners and losers. I mean, somebody's paying for the economic technological development of the nation. So you asked the question, how do I do that, or how...

Miller: Today on A Biography of America, the energy, excitement, and peril for "The Rise of Capitalism."

Page 1234


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