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The Coming of Independence
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Web links for this program are listed below. Text-based resources are listed in the Program 4 Bibliography.

George Washington

George Washington Papers: Time Line: The American Revolution
A timeline of events for the year 1775, with related links and images. Also provides links to timelines for other years.

George Washington Papers Homepage
The papers and documents of George Washington.

George Washington - First President 1789-1797
Includes a biography and links to Washington's first and second Inaugural Addresses.

A Biography of George Washington
Includes a biography of Washington with a portrait and related links.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Papers - Library of Congress
Provides links to original, scanned documents, a Thomas Jefferson timeline, a Virginia Records timeline, etc.

USA: Declaration of Independence-draft
The text of the first draft of the Declaration as it was probably read when Jefferson submitted it for corrections.

The Avalon Project: The Papers of Thomas Jefferson
A comprehensive list of links to Thomas Jefferson's papers.

Thomas Jefferson Online: Archive, Documents
Links to original documents including, the Declaration of Independence, (Earliest Known Draft), Declaration of Independence, (Original Rough Draft), Declaration of Independence (signed by Congress), etc.

The Avalon Project : Jefferson's Autobiography
The text of Jefferson's autobiography, with related links.

Biography of Thomas Jefferson
A biography of Jefferson with related links.

John Dickinson

DE Past governor John Dickinson
A Dickinson biography and portrait.

U.S. Senate Republican Policy Committee
An account of the life of John Dickinson providing biographical information as well as his achievements.

A Biography of John Dickinson (1732-1808)
A biography of Dickinson with related links.

A Biography of John Dickinson 1732-1808
A biography of Dickinson with a portrait and related links.

Dickinson, "Letters from a farmer in Pennsylvania"

USA - Index to Source Material
The texts of Dickinson's Letter II and Letter IV.

Early American Bookmarks - Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania
An introduction with links to the original copy of Letter I, and a text version as well.

USA: John Dickinson - Letters from a farmer IV
The text of Letter IV, and links to a history timeline.

Revere 'Boston Massacre'

Print -- Boston Massacre
A large color image of Paul Revere's engraving of The Boston Massacre, with links to the story of the Massacre, and a timeline.

Africans in America - Part 2 - The Bloody Massacre
The Boston Massacre engraving, with background information.

Doolittle, Lexington and Concord Engravings

New England to 1789: Gilmore-Lehne: U.S. to 1789 (Fall 1997)
Images for teaching history and American studies, including number 68 - A View of the Town of Concord, 1775, an Amos Doolittle line engraving.

Thomas Paine

USA: Thomas Paine
A portrait and a biography of Paine with related links.

Paine, Common Sense

Thomas Paine, Common Sense
Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

Virginia Sentiments

Africans in America/ Part 2/Pro Slavery Petitions in Virginia
The history of pro-slavery petitions in Virginia. Provides links to two pro-slavery documents.

Africans in America/Part 2/ The Declaration of Independence
John Trumbull's life-size painting of the First Continental Congress, assembled to sign the Declaration of Independence. Related information is also available.


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