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The Coming of Independence
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Program 4: The Coming of Independence

Donald L. Miller, Pauline Maier and Waldo E. Martin, Jr


Narrator: America in 1763, not yet a nation.

Miller: Are we dealing with a nation that's becoming more alike, or is it becoming more different at the same time?

Maier: Well, I think we started out as different as we could possibly be.

Narrator: The beginning of the American Revolution -- 13 colonies under the British flag.

Maier: They see their future as British.

Narrator: But the bond is severed and Americans declared their independence in action and in their written documents.

Martin: These are not dead documents.

Maier: And these documents changed in meaning and in their significance as a result of this conflict.

Narrator: Today on A Biography of America, "The Coming of Independence."

Page 1234


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