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English Settlement
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Program 2: English Settlement/New England and Virginia

Donald L. Miller and Pauline Maier


Miller: And like Pauline said, you throw up a question, like Virginia versus Massachusetts. You know, you have Englishmen settling both places, but they're different places...

The American character. How and when does it emerge?

Two distinct American types, New England and Virginia. But wait a minute. Inside Virginia, there's all kinds of different types as well. Indentured servants, slaves, the intermixing thereof.

Maier: In the 17th century in Virginia, women were dying in their 30s, men in their 40s. Whereas in New England, the men were living into their 60s and 70s, and the wives living also into old age. What's the difference between those societies?

Miller: I see all this and I get a headache, because I think how the hell are we going to do this? [laughter]

Maier: One way of doing it is not simply by giving answers, but asking questions.

Miller: Today on A Biography of America, "The Evolving American Character".

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