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New World Encounters
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photo 1: Full side view of adobe house with water in foreground, 'Acoma Pueblo [National Historic Landmark, New Mexico].' photo 2: Photo: Corner view showing mostly left wall, 'Church, Ácoma Pueblo [National Historic Landmark, New Mexico].' [Mision de San Estevan del Rey, Ácoma] photo 3: Photo: Looking across street toward houses, 'Acoma Pueblo.' [National Historic Landmark, New Mexico]
photo 4:  Ácoma New Mexico pueblo village women Native American Indian climbing stairway steps photo 5: Pueblo of Aconia [i.e. Acoma], N.M. photo 6: Ácoma Pueblo
Image Credits.  1, 2, 3:  National Archives.  4:  Art Today.  5:  Library of Congress.  6:  New Mexico Magazine


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