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3. Utopian Promise   

11. Modernist Portraits

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Activities: Overview Questions

Instructor Overview
A brief description of the literary movement within its historical context.
• What issues shaped Americans' thinking during the modern era? How did American literature respond to the societal transformations of the post-World War I period?

• How did political events, such as war and labor conflict, affect the works of the writers included in this unit?

• What impact did World War I have on the way people thought about the modern world? What technological innovations influenced the way people perceived society and the individual's place
within it?

• How did the stylistic innovations of modernist prose affect the way later authors used language and narrative structure?

• How were the myths of the "public enemy" shaped by historical and cultural changes during the modern era? How is this related to shifting notions of the American success story?

• How did modernity transform the traditional notions of American self-reliance and independence? How did authors consider and rework modern social relations in their writing?

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