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2. Exploring Borders   

2. Exploring

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Activities: Context Activities

Core Contexts
Shared Spaces: Contact Zones and Borderlands
Gloria Anzaldúa has compared the U.S./Mexico border to an "open wound" that violently splits homes, bodies, and cultures. But while the physical demarcation of the border may be a space of divisiveness and pain, the regions on either side of the border... Go

Writing without Words: A Native American View of Culture and the Conquest
While European writing systems rely primarily on phonetic alphabets, the written records of Native Americans used a combination of phonetic, pictographic, and ideographic transcription. For example,... Go

Model Women: La Virgen de Guadalupe, La Llorona, and La Malinche as Archetypes of Mexican Femininity
In Mexican culture, female identity has traditionally been structured around three principal archetypes: La Virgen de Guadalupe (a vision of the Virgin Mary that appeared to an Indian convert in the six-teenth century)... Go

Extended Contexts
Working Wonders: The Experience of "La Maravilla/The Marvelous" in New World Encounters
Bernal Díaz del Castillo begins his True History of the Conquest of New Spain with an avowal that he will accurately and authentically describe the conquistadors' experiences in the Aztec... Go

The Romance of Colonization
In his narrative of his third voyage to the Indies, Christopher Columbus arrived at the conclusion that the western hemisphere is not spherical, but "resembles the half of a round pear with a raised stalk... Go

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