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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Activities: Overview Questions

Instructor Overview
A brief description of the literary movement within its historical context.
• What is the relationship between Native American identity and American identity?

• How does Native American literature reflect or help create a sense of what it means to be Native American in the United States?

• What does this literature help reveal about the experience of having a multicultural identity?

• How does the conception of American Indian identity depend upon the writer's identity?

• What is Native American literature?

• What makes Native American traditions from different regions distinctive?

• How has Native American literature been influenced by politics on and off the reservation?

• How are Native American oral traditions shaped by the landscapes in which they are composed?

• What role does the land play in oral tradition?

• How does the notion of time in American Indian narratives compare with notions of time in Western cultures?

• How does the chronology of particular narratives reflect differing notions of time?

• How do Yellow Woman stories and the Nightway or Enemyway chant influence Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony and Storyteller?

• How do Navajo chantways influence the poetry of Luci Tapahonso?

• How does the Ghost Dance influence the vision of Black Elk?

• How does the Ghost Dance challenge nineteenth-century European American notions of Manifest Destiny?

• How do Yellow Woman stories subvert the genre of captivity narratives?

• How do the poems of Simon J. Ortiz challenge the notion of what it means to be an American hero?

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