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1. Native Voices   

1. Native Voices

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Stories of the Beginning of the World - Selected Archive Items

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[8008] Greg Sarris, Interview: "Coyote" (2002),
courtesy of Annenberg/CBP and American Passages.
Greg Sarris, author, professor of English, and Pomo Indian, discusses the trickster Coyote.

[8113] Huron tribe, Pair of dolls (1830-50),
courtesy of the Portland Art Museum, gift of Elizabeth Cole Butler [88.43.6-7].
Dolls like these, made by the Huron tribe in the mid-nineteenth century, played a number of roles in traditional Native American culture, including being used to teach children their people's history. The dolls were made from wood, wool, and cotton cloth and were adorned with metal and glass beads, leather, and real hair.

[8115] Iroquois, Cradle board (back side) (1830-50),
courtesy of the Portland Art Museum, gift of Elizabeth Cole Butler.
The "Iroquois Creation Story" speaks of the infants in Sky Woman's womb. Cradle boards were common for infants throughout Native North America. One distinctively Eastern Woodlands technique was quillwork embroidery, which was later imitated using beads or paint. Cradles were often decorated with protective symbols to guard babies against human and supernatural adversaries.

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