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Available here in PDF format, the Unit Instructor Guides feature thematically-organized contextual materials, ready for classroom use.

The Guides can also be viewed as web pages with hyperlinks to corresponding materials in the Online Archive.
  1. Literary Movement Overview
  2. Video-viewing material and activities
  3. Author Profiles, with Teaching Tips and Activities
  4. Suggested Pairings and Groupings of Authors
  5. Cultural Contexts appropriate to the literary movement, recommended Archive Items and Activities
For more information about using the Instructor Guides and a complete Table of Contents, click here.

Download the Instructor Guides here:

      Introduction & Table of Contents
      What Is American Literature?
  1.  Native Voices
  2.  Exploring Borderlands
  3.  Utopian Promise
  4.  Spirit of Nationalism
  5.  Masculine Heroes
  6.  Gothic Undercurrents
  7.  Slavery and Freedom
  8.  Regional Realism
  9.  Social Realism
10.  Rhythms in Poetry
11.  Modernist Portraits
12.  Migrant Struggle
13.  Southern Renaissance
14.  Becoming Visible
15.  Poetry of Liberation
16.  Search for Identity


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