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Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon Public Broadcasting is a highly experienced producer of educational content with expertise in both traditional and new media approaches to formal education, community outreach, and television production.

OPB has produced many series for Annenberg Media, including THE UNSEEN UNIVERSE: An Introduction to Microbiology and A WORLD OF ART: Works in Progress, a series on contemporary artists, REDISCOVERING BIOLOGY: Molecular to Global Perspectives a multi-media series for secondary teacher professional development, and READING LITERATURE, READING CULTURE (wt), a teacher workshop series on interdisciplinary approaches to American Literature. OPB has also been the co-producer for video series and digital materials to accompany several McGraw Hill textbook publications.

OPB has a long history of producing web sites, teachers' guides and other curriculum materials to accompany educational and PBS broadcast series. Working in close concert with National Advisory Boards, OPB's staff has produced curriculum materials in the humanities and sciences for a variety of grade levels and teacher professional development.

OPB is also a major producer of PBS Primetime documentary series, and has created programming for NOVA, FRONTLINE, and other strands, as well as numerous specials and limited series.

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