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Chicken Pox

Video Summary
In this lesson, students demonstrate their knowledge of body parts. They begin by talking about the chicken pox and reading Marc Brown's story, Arthur a la varicelle (Arthur has the chicken pox). Then they sing a song about the chicken pox that names different parts of the body. Finally, students do a cut-and-paste activity, labeling a drawing of a person with words for body parts that they had practiced in the song.

Standards Addressed


Interpretive, Presentational




Making Connections

Key Terms
immersion program
informal assessment
kindergarten benchmarks

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images from Scott French class

Classroom at a Glance
Teacher: Jai Scott
Language: French
Grade: Kindergarten
School: Ecole Kenwood Alternative Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio
Lesson Date: November 11
Class Size: 27
Schedule: About 6 hours daily (immersion)

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