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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Print Resources
For Students

Hall, Donald. Ox-Cart Man. New York: Viking Press, 1983.

Hall, Donald. The Milkman's Boy. New York: Walker & Co., 1997.

Siebert, Diane. Heartland. New York: HarperCollins Juvenile Books, 1992.

For Teachers

Brandt, Ron. "On Educating and Diversity: A Conversation with James A. Banks." Educational Leadership 51, no. 8 (1994).

Cooper, Hilary. History in the Early Years. Teaching and Learning in the First Three Years of School. New York: Routledge, 1995.

Nevarez, Sandra, Racquel C. Mireles, and Norma Ramirez. Experiences with Literature: A Thematic Whole Language Model for the K-3 Bilingual Classroom. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall College Division, 1989.

Ovando, Carlos J. and Virginia P. Collier. Bilingual and ESL Classrooms: Teaching in Multicultural Contexts. 2d ed. Columbus, Ohio: WCB/McGraw-Hill, 1997.

Related Web Sites
For Students

National Agriculture in the Classroom Student Center
This site includes virtual tours, a kid zone, agricultural facts, a teen zone, and webquests.

George Washington Pioneer Farmer
This site uses vivid pictures to lead students through a virtual tour of George Washington's Mount Vernon.

Kids Farm
Kids Farm lets young children explore agricultural history through coloring, music, and pictures.

For Teachers

The Center for Multicultural Education
The University of Washington's CME focuses on research projects and activities for multicultural K-12 programs.

The Center for Multicultural Multilingual Research
This site offers many articles on bilingual/ESL classrooms as well as links to other multicultural research sites.

U.S. Department of Agriculture
The USDA and National Agricultural Statistics Service provides a history of American farms and agricultural trends.

The History of American Agriculture: A Timeline
This timeline includes data on farm technology, farm life, crops, and livestock.


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