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Print Resources
For Students

Cohn-Sherbok, Dan, and Dawoud El-Alami. The Palestine-Israeli Conflict: A Beginner's Guide. Oxford, England: Oneworld Publications, 2001.

McAleavy, Tony. The Arab-Israeli Conflict. Cambridge History Program. Chatsworth, Calif.: SIGS Books & Multimedia, 1998.

Sabini, John. Islam: A Primer. 6th ed. Washington, D.C.: AMIDEAST Publications, 2001.

Waldman, Neil. The Promised Land: The Birth of the Jewish People. Honesdale, Pa.: Boyds Mills Press, 2002.

For Teachers

Lewis, Bernard. The Muslim Discovery of Europe. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2001.

Lewis, Bernard, ed. A Middle East Mosaic: Fragments of Life, Letters, and History. Modern Library Classics. New York: Princeton Review, 2001.

Halliday, Fred. Nation and Religion in the Middle East. Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2000.

Related Web Sites
For Students

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
The CMES site offers links to maps, history, and other resource material, as well as firsthand information on current issues in the Middle East.

Historical Maps Online
This collection includes maps of Israel and the Middle East before and after the United Nations Resolution 181.

The Middle East Policy Council
The MEPC hosts an online forum for discussion and analysis on political, social, and economic issues in the Middle East.

For Teachers

Council on Islamic Education
This site offers resource material for K-12 educators and features articles on teaching Middle Eastern studies in public schools.


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