Benefits of Serving

Here are some reasons why members enjoy serving on Lusher’s Leadership Team:

  • Geralyn Broussard, first-grade teacher: “It makes me feel more a part of school — knowing my ideas are shared and used. ... The Leadership Team is the think tank — you have to be willing to work through ideas.”
  • Kathy DeJean, dance teacher: “It lets me look at how the arts are being used and listened to and understood by classroom teachers — and listen to classroom teachers and hear how arts are affecting them and what they need.”
  • Marti Dumas, a new fifth-grade teacher and Lusher alumna: “The Leadership Team is a voice for people who don’t necessarily know the ropes around here. ... Having the Leadership Team focused on the arts makes other people more serious about the arts.”
  • Sheila Nelson, assistant principal: “The Leadership Team members have to go out to other teachers to get information. They have to be people who are flexible and know how to relate to others.”
  • Paul Reynaud, first-grade teacher: “We allow the teachers to have a voice about what kind of curriculum changes we are going to have.”
  • Carolyn DuBois, fourth-grade teacher: “My colleagues have a contact with the administration. They share with me and I can go back to the Leadership Team.”