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Before Watching

In their work for this unit, students address several key concepts:

  • the interaction of fantasy and reality;
  • the idea that stories have a beginning, middle, and end;
  • the relationship of action words and topic sentences to movement; and
  • science and math principles seen in patterns and textures.

As you watch this program, consider:

  • how these concepts could be applied to working with other works of art; and
  • how the children used these concepts in their multi-arts performance.

This unit also reflects several important goals for the students, such as:

  • analysis and critical thinking;
  • mentoring of kindergarten students by fourth-grade students;
  • teamwork in creating and performing;
  • immersion in creating a work of art; and
  • understanding a work of art through the process of creation.

Identify ways that students demonstrated their mastery of these skills as they created and performed their original work of art.

Watch the Program

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