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List of Recent Series Discontinuations

Author: Staff

PLEASE NOTE: Availability of Annenberg Learner series and student interactives is subject to change. We will provide advance notice in our newsletter, on the website, and on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Also, we receive many questions about purchasing copies of discontinued series. We no longer sell DVDs and corresponding materials, and once a series is discontinued, we no longer have the rights to distribute it in any format. Whenever possible, we will provide a link to where the series can still be accessed or info about the original producer if not distributed elsewhere. See the Series Availability info in our FAQs.

The following series were discontinued on on June 25, 2019.


America’s History in the Making
Artifacts & Fiction
Learner Express: Literature modules
Learner Express: Mathematics: Common Core Standards PD Modules
Learner Express: STEM: Earth and Space Science
Learning Science Through Inquiry
Literary Visions
The Mind
The Missing Link
Power of Music
Primary Sources
Private Universe Project in Mathematics
Private Universe Project in Science
Reactions in Chemistry
Science in Focus: Energy
Science in Focus: Force and Motion
Seasons of Life
Surprises in Mind
The World if Chemistry (check out our newer series Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions)


Math in Daily Life
Metric Conversions
Historical and Cultural Contexts

The following series were discontinued on on December 31, 2018. (Browse our list of resources for other series that may be of interest to you.)

Calculating Change
Rural Communities
School Testing- Behind the Numbers
Teaching Geography
Mathematics Assessment
Teaching Math K-2
Teaching Math 3-5
Teaching Math 6-8
Teaching Math 9-12
Teaching Math K-4 Library
Teaching Math 5-8 Library
Teaching Math 9-12 Library


  1. Kathy Blouch

    I am sorry to see these discontinued. They are still valuable resources. I use the math and science.

  2. Kathleen Beebe

    Are we able to save these if we stream them? I love the world of chemistry. I do have the dvds but prefer to stream

    • Stacie Pierpoint

      Thank you for writing! Due to copyright concerns, the videos cannot be downloaded and saved from the website. We will continue to provide via streaming our newer chemistry series- Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions. You can view it here:

  3. Linda J Nichols

    So sorry to see the Maths series go. Best teacher resource ever and many students have commented on sections of the series being really helpful in understanding the concepts.

  4. Soraya Moham

    How can we access America’s history in the making?

    • Stacie Pierpoint

      Unfortunately, there is no way to access the series after June 25 and we are unable to provide digital or DVD copies. We regret the inconvenience.

  5. Mary Aubin

    I have had my students use Collapse for 10+ years. Is there somewhere else I can get it?


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