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It’s Here! You’re Viewing the New Annenberg Learner Website! 

Author: Stacie Pierpoint

(updated 1/30/2020) We are excited to announce our new and improved Annenberg Learner website. Featuring a more user-friendly experience, simplified search, and filtering features that will quickly lead you to the content you want, it’s the Annenberg Learner you already love – now even better!

To ease the transition to our new site, Learner content will remain available on the old site and new simultaneously. That said, we highly encourage you to check out the new site and use the content featured there when appropriate. Our old site will remain available as until February 29, 2020.

Let’s get started!  Visit the homepage to check out available series and search key words.

Series now available :

And more!

We have a handful of series left to migrate and some dusting up to do. Links are provided to the archive site while we finish up.

We hope you enjoy the new improved site, and invite your feedback at [email protected].

–Team Annenberg Learner

P.S. From time to time, our series license rights expire. As always, view the updated list of discontinued series in our FAQs. Please sign up for our newsletter for the latest information on any changes.


  1. cathleen

    I would love to watch Destinos again! The famous Raquel Rodriguez provides the perfect name to roll our r’s! Is there a link you might share?

  2. Gloria Guajardo


  3. Kandra James

    I like the new site. It is very intuitive and easy to maneuver. However, I wish that the banner would not drop down as you scroll up and down the screen. It is a bit of a distraction. But in general, the new site is very nice.


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