Robins in a Snowstorm: A Question for You

Mr. Deignan took this photo during a cold and snowy January blizzard. His yard has many holly trees that are loaded with fruit. He said, "We have 19 inches of snow on the ground with temps of 15 degrees; yet hundreds and hundreds of American robins are in the trees eating holly berries." Some robins landed on bushes with holly berries in their beaks. They continued to feed during the storm. Twenty robins were on one bush! They don't mind being together and fairly close. That's because it's winter and they are not yet territorial.

Do you see the bird whose feathers are fluffed up to warm the back of its head? That’s how the bird keeps its brain warm. What do you notice about where the robins are facing? This is an important clue to the wind conditions.

Journaling Question:

  • What word do you think could describe the wind conditions in this photo? Explain. Then compare your thoughts with our expert's.

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