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The Overwintering Season
January 2017 by Elizabeth Howard

Explore the monarch's winter habitat in Mexico and see what happens while the butterflies are there.

What happens month-by-month while the monarchs are in Mexico?
Monarchs arrive in November and depart in March. Here's what takes place during the winter season:
November   December
Monarch Butterflies arriving in Mexico   Scientists visit the 12 wintering sites and measure the surface area the colonies cover.
Throughout the month, monarchs continue to arrive from the north and settle in at the 12 traditional wintering sites.
  Being Counted
Scientists visit the 12 wintering sites and measure the surface area the colonies cover. Results will be released by March, 2017.
January   February
Monarch Butterflies wintering in Mexico   Monarch Butterflies wintering in Mexico
Surviving Cold
Watch the weather! At this coldest time of year, monarchs are at the greatest risk of mortality from deadly winter storms.
  Preparing to Migrate
Monarchs that survive four winter months will mate and begin the journey north in March. Join us for weekly updates on Feb. 9, 2017.
Report Winter Sightings

Seeing Monarchs?

Please continue to report all sightings. Help document where monarchs are present during the winter months.

Monarch Butterfly: Adult Sighted  
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