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Grades 6-8

Spelling Bee - Level 1

Listen to the story, then click on the empty boxes to spell the words. Click on the button next to the word box to hear the word again and get a hint. Click "Check Score" when you're done.

Let's begin…

There are three levels for each grade. You must spell all the words in the current level to move up to the next level. Fill in all the boxes with an answer or your best guess. Your results will be calculated and printable at the very end. Finish by creating your own spelling bee with words we provide for you.

Good luck!

Listen to the story, then click on the empty boxes to spell the words.

Click on the button next to the word box to hear the word again and get a hint.

If necessary, use the scrollbar on the right side of the activity to move up and down.

When you've tried all the words, click "Check Score" to see how you did.

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the in the brown hat had ever heard about the appealed to him. The waves sounded , the sea creatures . Even the on the boat sounded perfect. Given the chance, he said he would leave his in the city and go on a . He thought " I'll discover an and stay near the water forever!"
This year's writing was going to be tough or spirited. Every seventh grader was hoping to outdo his or her because the winners would be showered with and receive books from the store. Competition categories included , , and
. Rumor had it the girl in the purple shirt from the state had reason to be . She came from a family of , her was outstanding and her was poetry. Yet, as the winners were about to be announced, a look of came over the girls face.
It was Sarah could learn to play the , the her grandmother had given her, but she couldn't make up her mind. She'd have to accept the to perform in the and the and her beloved violin. She'd also have to the time she spent practicing and learn how to clean the new instrument. Sara was when it came to taking care of her violin, and she to be just as careful with the p---o [small flute]. At some point her would have to end and she would have to choose one or the other.

Level - Review of your spelling

Hear this word


Spell this word

Hear this word

Your Spelling

The Correct Spelling


There are still words that you have not tried to spell. Make sure to try them all before checking your score!

Your score is

You spelled out of words correctly.

Click on any misspelled words to see their correct spellings!

Click on the words to review their spellings and definitions.

You spelled out of words correctly.

Your score is .

Create your own Spelling Bee!

Click Print to print out a set of words for you to try with a parent or friend.


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