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The Future

Sustainability is the intelligent use of our resources--natural and technological--to meet our communities' needs both today and in the future. People worldwide are beginning to recognize that a healthy, functioning community relies on a healthy environment.

Pollution and overuse of resources can affect everything from the health of children to the availability of raw materials. Increasingly, we are realizing the importance of not only meeting environmental regulations but also taking extra steps to reduce waste, prevent pollution, and conserve resources. As more communities choose to pursue sustainability, successful environmental programs will continue to emerge. These programs will become models on which to base global efforts to protect and restore the environment.

Each individual has a role in building a sustainable future. At home, school, and work, we can make changes that will help preserve our resources for future generations. Many individuals and communities have already begun--find out how you can do your part.

For more information about waste and the environment, try the books and Web sites listed in the Related Resources section of this exhibit.


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