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Video on Demand (VoD) and Broadband
  • What format are the VoDs in?
  • The VoDs play in either Flash or .mp4 format.


  • How can I get Flash? How do I get help with Flash?
  • For Flash, visit Adobe's site to install.

    We're sorry, but we cannot offer technical support for Flash. Please seek help, as needed, from Adobe's site.


  • I'm not receiving picture or sound. Why not?
  • Every time you receive the stream, there is a brief delay after you connect, during which your system "buffers" the digital stream from our server before it begins playing.

    If the delay is longer than a few seconds, verify the following system requirements are met:

    1. The latest version of Flash is installed on your computer.
    2. You have a broadband connection to the Internet.
    3. JavaScript is enabled on your browser.

    If you have Flash and a broadband connection, there's a network problem somewhere between the your computer and our servers. This is referred to as "network congestion," and often occurs in the early evening and at other peak hours. You may experience a faster connection at an off-peak time.

    I am hearing sound but not seeing the picture. What's wrong?

    Usually this happens because you do not have a fast enough connection to the Internet. If you connect to the Internet through a dial-up modem, you will not be able to view the video; a broadband connection is required.


  • How do I view videos on a Windows 8 machine with Internet Explorer 10?
  • Windows 8 has two versions of Internet Explorer 10. You'll want to use Internet Explorer for desktops version to view Flash content. To browse the Web from the desktop: From the Start screen, tap or click "Desktop." Tap or click the Internet Explorer icon on the task bar.

    Alternatively, you can add a Web site/domain to Microsoft's whitelist by following the steps in this video.


  • When I click the VoD icon, the screen just goes back to the top of the page, and nothing else happens. Why?
  • The VoD window comes up in a pop up window. Make certain that you have Javascript enabled, and do not have any pop up blockers enabled in your browser that would keep a window on our site from displaying.


  • Why won't my browser accept cookies from your site?
  • Make certain that your browser is configured to accept cookies from Learner.org. If you have previously rejected cookies from Learner.org, that setting may be stored in your browser's configuration. If you're coming to Learner.org through a "captive" site, e.g. Blackboard.com, you will need to make certain that your browser is configured to accept third party cookies.

    Try accessing videos directly by pasting this link into your browser's address bar: http://www.learner.org/resources/browse.html Then select the series you want to view.

    If you're using experiencing this problem while using Internet Explorer, try downloading and using Firefox instead.


  • VOD Closed Captions
  • Closed captions are available on many of the VODs on this site. If the video you are viewing has closed captions available, you will see an option for turning them on/off at the bottom when mousing over the video screen in (Flash) of your media player window.


  • How do I get a broadband connection to the Internet?
  • A broadband connection means that you have a minimum speed of 256 Kbps from DSL, cable modem, or LAN connection to a T1 line (or greater). You can get these connections by contacting your ISP ("Internet Service Provider"), your local telephone company, or your local cable provider.

    Be sure to specify that you want a "broadband" connection, rather than a "dial-up" connection. "Dial-up" connections are slower, and do not allow video to be streamed to your computer.


  • I keep getting a rtmp server not found error.
  • This may be caused by loss of your Internet connection, or by having incorrect domain name system (DNS) settings. To see what steps you can take to remedy this problem, please view instructions for Mac, Firefox, or Internet Explorer users.

    If this does not solve the problem, check if you or your provider are running a firewall that blocks the rtmp service (port 1935), on which our Flash streaming takes place.


  • I can watch programs on video on demand (VoD) for a while and then they stop in the middle. Why?
  • Frequently when a video stops in the middle, it is merely waiting for more information to come over the broadband connection; once it does, the video will start again on its own.

    If the stream does not restart in a reasonable amount of time, try stopping and restarting the video. This causes the stream to “rebuffer” and may reset the connection.

    If you start experiencing a lot of buffering after having watched several videos, it may be that your connectivity provider (ISP) is rate limiting the data sent to your computer. You can contact your ISP for more information.


  • I registered for a workshop/course with plans to take it online, and discovered that I cannot view the videos (due to lack of broadband connection or technical difficulties).

    I want to show these videos in my classroom, but my school either blocks streaming media, or our Internet connection is too slow. Now what?

    1. Find out if you can access the program in an alternate way:
    2. Tapes/DVDs may be available for loan from a local library.

    Call us at 1-800-LEARNER to determine if any of these options is available to you. If not, then tapes/DVDs are available for purchase online.


  • Is there a way to make the VoD screen larger?
  • While viewing a Flash video, click on the four arrows in the lower right-hand corner of the video screen. If you're using Internet Explorer and can't zoom to full screen, install the latest version of Adobe Flash: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and then close and restart Internet Explorer.

  • I want to watch just a certain part of the video — is there a way to skip ahead/back?
  • Yes. You can shuttle the position marker to the approximate position that you want to view, and press the play button. The position and nature of this position marker may vary depending on your version of Flash. Please contact Adobe with any further questions.


  • Tell me more about "Video On Demand" (VoD).
  • With video on demand (VoD), you can watch any of our videos at any time. You can also skip around within a video when watching a VoD. To access video on demand, search or browse for a series that is of interest to you, and look for the VoD icon ——next to the individual program titles. Click on the VoD icon to view the video.


  • There is no video on demand (VoD) option for the program I want to see. Why not?
  • Some of our programs have rights restrictions and will never be available in a VoD format; others, our brand new programming, may not yet be available. If you are looking for a new program, please check back periodically. You can also sign up for our monthly updates listserv to find out when new series and videos have been added.


  • Outside of the US and Canada

  • We do not hold international distribution rights to some videos in our collection, and are therefore prohibited by law from streaming these programs outside the U.S. and Canada. Please refer to the international distributors list for more information on how you may otherwise obtain these resources.


  • May I download the VoD for future viewing?
  • No, VoDs may not be recorded, downloaded, or stored (i.e., you may not keep VoDs in a format that allows you to play them back again and again).


  • May I share the VoDs with my class?
  • Yes, you may play VoDs within the classroom via a regular computer screen or projection screen.


  • How much does this service cost?
  • There is no charge to view videos on Learner.org.





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