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Part B

Exploring Communication
  Introduction | Finding the Area of Different Figures | Try It Yourself: Finding the Area of Dot-Paper Shapes | Summary | Your Journal


Before you start the Interactive Activity, read the following questions, and keep them in mind as you work:

  • Can you describe the process you used to find the area of one of the triangles?
  • Did you use a similar or different strategy to find the area of the other triangles? How was it similar or different?
  • Can you describe a method that would work for all triangles?

After you've finished exploring the activity, consider these questions:

  • Describe the process you used for finding the area of each figure. Can you describe a general rule that would work for finding the area of any dot-paper figure, regardless of its shape?
  • Would your explanation be sufficient for someone else to solve the problems without referring to each individual case?
  • What forms of communication did you use in the process of solving the problems and in sharing your thinking and understanding with others?

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