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Reading in Mathematics

Exploring Sense-Making Protocols

Now that you have had the opportunity to view and reflect on videos of teachers engaging students in reading and making sense of mathematics material, you will experience a protocol designed to support your own reading and mathematical sense making and consider how it might be used to support the reading and mathematical sense making of your students.

3 Read Strategy Activity
In this activity, you will play the role of reader, translator, annotator, and double-checker to read, make sense of, and solve a rich mathematics task. As you work through the various parts of this protocol, reflect on how it supports your engagement with this mathematics material and how it helps you reach a solution to the problem that is posed. Also consider how this protocol might be used to support the engagement of individual students, students working with partners, or students working together in small groups. Click below to begin.

3 Read Strategy


3 Read Strategy

This activity shows how reading a mathematics problem three times, with a different focus question each time, can help students make sense of a problem.

Reflect: How did the protocol support your engagement with the mathematics material? How might the protocol be used to support the engagement of individual students in your classroom? How might this protocol also be used to support the engagement of students working with partners or in small groups?