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Bringing It All Together


The materials developed for this course are intended to provide insight into what it means to read, write, speak, and listen like a mathematician; why it is important to engage students in these disciplinary literacy practices; and how you might plan and enact mathematics lessons that attend to the development of these practices in your classroom.

These materials, including videos that show disciplinary literacy in practice and the interactive activities designed to engage you in disciplinary literacy practices, are intended to provide you with opportunities to reflect on and apply disciplinary literacy practices and support your efforts to strengthen mathematics teaching and learning in these ways.

These materials also provide evidence for how engaging students in disciplinary literacy practices is consistent with the expectations of the CCSSM and with what the research indicates about the mathematics teaching practices that support student learning. Students who have opportunities to engage in these disciplinary literacy practices on an ongoing basis will begin to see themselves as capable mathematical thinkers, will demonstrate increasingly powerful mathematical thinking, and will develop the kind of passion for mathematics that will carry them into any number of STEM fields.

Finally, if we as teachers can create opportunities for more students to engage in disciplinary literacy practices, we will be better able to provide an increasingly diverse population of students with important opportunities to realize their potential as mathematicians and consider career opportunities in these STEM fields.

While the materials in this course are intended to provide you with a strong set of resources to leverage as you strengthen your mathematics teaching practice, please keep in mind that new resources are continually emerging. We hope this course is just the beginning of an interesting and satisfying journey that will have an impact on how all of your students engage in and build positive relationships with the discipline of mathematics throughout their lives.