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History/Social Studies

Argument Writing

Writing as a Process

Writing is a process that takes time to develop and is not solely confined to the final manuscript or paragraph(s) written at the end of an investigation. To build the capacity for student writing, it is important for students to consider that, as with all skills, strong outcomes follow strong practice. Therefore, writing is a process that develops over time and includes annotations, planning, drafting, revising, and editing. Writing naturally follows from reading and deliberating evidence in an investigation.

Students may be unfamiliar with argument writing, and it is usually necessary for teachers to cultivate complex writing over time. Students most often write summaries of information in school, so asking students to write arguments is usually a shift. Therefore, students need to learn the expectations and facets of argument writing. One way to do this is to dedicate an investigation to learning a single step in writing process. Each step below provides a necessary scaffold for building toward the next step. However, teachers should decide for themselves how to incorporate increasing complexity.