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Bringing It All Together

Classroom Environment

Classroom design is another important consideration. How easy is it for students to access material? See the whiteboard? Discuss the reading? The concept of transmedia as explained by the Knowledgeworks Foundation is useful when thinking about how to set up classroom for reading and writing. Transmedia is the notion of designing the environment so that it becomes an interactive learning experience that supports explicit instruction and independent learning. How will you arrange desks? Set up technology? Display visual aids? All of these elements can support or distract from learning. Consider what elements are in your control and design them to aid instruction. Consider redundancy, interactivity, ease of movement, and collaboration. Do students have multiple opportunities to see and interact with information? Does the room invite them to explore and learn on their own? Can they interact with print, computers, or other learning stations? How easy is it for students to talk about their work? Are they comfortable asking questions about their understanding? Are they open to constructive criticism? Can they look over to the next student and share with ease? If they get up, can they easily interact with each other? The room should aid rather than discourage learning.

Apply: Select three questions from the text above and write a brief response.