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MacGregor Campbell—Online Text, Facilitator and Participant Guide Writer
MacGregor Campbell is a teacher and writer based in Portland, Oregon.  After obtaining a B.S, in Physics from Duke University, he went on to teach middle school math in the Los Angeles inner-city as part of Teach for America.  He has written curricula for the Compton Unified School District and for UCSD in La Jolla, California.  Mr. Campbell wrote all thirteen online textbook chapters, facilitator guides, and participant guides for the series. 


Kristian Berg—Scriptwriter
Kristian Berg is an experienced writer and producer of documentaries and non-fiction series television, specializing in history, science, and children's programming. Mr. Berg served as a series writer for American Passages: A Literary Survey, a sixteen-part series for Oregon Public Broadcasting and Annenberg Media. He has written and produced for PBS series, including History Detectives, Newton's Apple, ZOOM! and DragonflyTV.  His historical documentaries include The Dakota Conflict (PBS), Dakota Exile (PBS), The Scottsboro Boys (Court TV), and The Capture and Trial of Adolf Eichmann (Court TV). Kristian lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, and is produced a story on the Minneapolis I-35 bridge collapse for the PBS science series NOVA scienceNOW.  Mr. Berg wrote the scripts for Unit 8, Geometries Beyond Euclid, and Unit 9, Game Theory.

Jacquelyn Blain—Scriptwriter
Jacquelyn Blain is a Writer’s Guild of America screenwriter with over 40 hours of produced network television and both a feature film and short film in pre-production.  She has worked with the UCLA Extension Writer’s Program, is on the faculty of the Art Institute of Portland (OR), and does script consulting work through her firm Yellow Lab Ltd.  Her students’ films have been accepted by and won awards at numerous film festivals, including the New York Film Festival, the San Francisco Film Festival, the Longbaugh Festival, and the Salem Film Festival. Ms. Blain wrote the scripts for Unit 2, Combinatorics Counts; Unit 4, Topology’s Twists and Turns; and Unit 6, The Beauty of Symmetry. She also worked with Red Door Films and with Oregon Public Broadcasting producing this video series.

Melissa Gerr—Scriptwriter
Melissa Gerr is a writer, producer, and still photographer focusing on documentary and knowledge-based products.  She wrote and produced for the Annenberg series Rediscovering Biology and America’s History in the Making Volume II. She has produced and directed Spanish, French, and Italian products for McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, as well as programming for PBS in Minnesota and Oregon. She is currently a Senior Producer for Health Sciences media at Laureate Education, Inc., based in Baltimore, Maryland. Working with the advisors on Mathematics Illuminated provided her with a new respect for math, a profound admiration for mathematicians, and the unforeseen outcome of expanding her own universe. Ms. Gerr wrote the scripts for Unit 3, How Big is Infinity; Unit 7, Making Sense of Randomness; and Unit 12, In Sync.

Richard Marcus—Scriptwriter
Richard Marcus is an award-winning writer of TV, film, and educational software. He has written for some of the best TV shows ever produced, including Sesame Street, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and Dinosaurs. His educational software has been awarded the Parents’ Choice Award, ITA - Gold Medal, and Time Magazine’s "Top 100 educational gifts for kids." He has also created attractions for the Seoul Olympics Korean Folklore Pavilion,and forDisneyland and Universal Studios Theme Parks. He is the author of a textbook on Edgar Allen Poe and has had his poetry published in The New York Times, Berkeley Poets Magazine, and other publications.  His short story, Chosen, was published in the last Alan King anthology, Matzoh Balls for Breakfast and Other Memories of Growing Up Jewish, published by Simon and Schuster. In 2005 he won "Best Screenplay" and "Best Comedy" for his film Checking Out starring Peter Falk. Mr. Marcus wrote the scripts, along with David Poulshock, for Unit 1, The Primes, and Unit 13, The Concepts of Chaos.

Eric Slade—Scriptwriter                                                                       
Eric Slade is an independent writer/director in Portland, Oregon.  He has recently worked as a producer of the National Primetime PBS series History Detectives. He worked as a producer on the Annenberg/OPB series Rediscovering Biology and as series producer/director on Bridging World History.  His independent documentary Hope along the Wind had its PBS premier in June of 2002, and his works have been screened at dozens of national and international film festivals, at which he has won seven "best documentary" awards.  He is also a professional magician and an amateur cartoonist.  Mr. Slade wrote the script for Unit 5, Other Dimensions.

Steve Wright—Scriptwriter               
Steve Wright is an accomplished writer based in Austin, Texas. He writes scripts for both short-form and long-form projects including documentaries, news magazine programs, multipart instructional videos, marketing and promotional pieces, and other projects for television, businesses, universities, associations, and others. He is a former television news reporter for CBS and NBC affiliates, and he received the Associated Press’s top honor for the best documentary in the state of Texas. He has written scripts narrated by top talent in the broadcast industry including Bill Moyers of PBS. Mr. Wright has written scripts for numerous Annenberg/OPB projects on American history and world history. Mr. Wright wrote the scripts forUnit 10, Harmonious Math, and Unit 11, Connecting with Networks.

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