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Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is an award-winning producer of educational content with expertise in both traditional and new media approaches to formal education, community outreach, and television production.

OPB has produced many series for Annenberg Media, including American Passages: A Literary Survey, a multimedia series for college students; Artifacts & Fiction: Workshop in American Literature, a professional-development workshop series for teachers on interdisciplinary approaches to American literature; Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives, a series to help in-service teachers update their content knowledge in the life sciences; and Bridging World History, a professional-development course for high school teachers and students.

OPB produces Web sites, teachers’ guides, and other curriculum materials to accompany textbooks and PBS broadcast series. Working in close concert with national academic experts and advisory boards, OPB’s staff has produced curriculum materials in the humanities and sciences for a variety of grade levels and teacher professional development.


Founded in 1996, ADi excels in visual communication with a focus on 3-D and visual effects for business and business marketing, consumer advertising, direct response television, education, and entertainment. Clients range from Fortune 500 high-tech firms to independent film producers. The Portland-based company is recognized for its skill in rendering digital prototypes for pre-production marketing efforts. Recent accolades include two Telly Awards, a Northwest ADDY Award, and a Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award.

HUB Collective, Ltd.

HUB Collective, Ltd., is a full-service design firm specializing in identity, print, event, and environmental graphic design. HUB designs visual communication that is intelligent, elegant, and compelling. They believe design, like all language, arises from a human need to craft coherence out of chaos, to be heard, and, ultimately understood. Clients include Mercer Delta Executive Learning Center, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland Development Commission, Nike, The Grove Review: A Literary Journal, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

RMC Research Corporation

Clients have included several federal agencies and departments, including the United States Departments of Education, Justice, Labor, and Health and Human Services; the Center for Mental Health Services; the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention; the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Offices are located in New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Oregon. RMC Research Corporation performed the formative evaluation for the series.

Red Door Films

Red Door Films is a Portland, Oregon-based production company, originally founded in 1989 as David Poulshock Productions, Inc. Mr. Poulshock is an award-winning producer, writer, and director of the WEE SING children’s series. Red Door Films has produced numerous commercials, infomercials, and corporate films for clients, ranging from Goodwill Industries and the Oregon Lottery to Hewlett-Packard and View-Master 3-D. Mr. Poulshock served as chairman of the 2005 Willamette Writers Conference, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Northwest Academy, and is on the adjunct faculty of the Art Institute of Portland.

Tweak Interactive

Founded in 1999, Tweak Interactive is a marketing design and usability services firm. Their professional team is composed of designers, developers, writers, and usability experts, all trained and experienced in the practice of user-centered design. Tweak has served such notable companies as Unicru, Tripwire, Hollywood Entertainment, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, InfoSpace, Wells Fargo, United Healthcare, and Serena Software. Tweak conducted the usability study for the interactive tools on the Mathematics Illuminated Web site.

Oregon Public Broadcasting Production Team

Executive Vice President National Productions: David Davis
Series Producer: Sam Ward
Production Manager: Catherine Stimac
Project Manager: Doug Brazil
Field Producer: Hillary Brown
Video Producers: Sean Hutchinson and Stewart Boyles
Content Manager/Text Writier: MacGregor Campbell
Web Developer: Heather Young
Researcher: Traci Fantz
Web Assistant: Chris Gates
Associate Producer: Beth Lipson
Production Assistance: Laurance Johnson
Video/Online Editors: Tom Babich, Pamela Chipman, Cathie Clifford, Jerry Pratt, Wendy Morgan, and Patrick Weisenhemple
Director of Engineering, IT: Dave Fulton
Production Services: Howard Beckerman, Bill Dubey, Milt Ritter, and Gary Schiedel
Graphic Design: Gini Chin
Original Theme Music: Nathan Larson
Lead Copy Editor: Tom Bensman, The Leslie Group, Inc.
Additional Copy Editor: Monica L. Caplan, The Leslie Group, Inc.
Production Interns: Sarah Fox, Catherine Kurz, and Holly Werner

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