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Forced Displacement

Human Rights and the Struggle for Social Justice

Key Learning Targets

  • Be able to explain the meaning of displacement, the contributing causes that have historically created displaced people, and the differences between the major categories of displaced people.
  • Be able to provide examples of the different roles individuals, governments, and international entities play in advocating for and securing the rights of displaced persons.
  • Be able to discuss the effects of displacement and the ways in which displaced persons create community in both new regions and temporary settings.
  • Be able to identify, compare, and contrast visual themes and pictorial techniques in photographic media that function to direct or shape interpretation.
  • Be able to explain how displaced people use media and new technology to navigate their ways around international borders.

Grade Level

High School

Classroom Connections

Social Studies
U.S. History
World History

Curriculum Snapshot

  • Forced displacement and refugees
  • Social justice and the rights and needs of refugees
  • The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

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