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Syrian refugees (left to right) Kadri, 12, his brother Abdul, 7, and their cousin Mohammed, read books at the newly built library at Filipadia camp on the Greek mainland.

Background: At Filippiada Camp in northwest Greece, home to several hundred Syrian and Afghan refugees, a library has been constructed. Refugees helped volunteers and UNHCR staff to assemble the bookshelves, chairs, and tables and neatly arranged the first books to arrive: children’s books, novels, and poetry in Arabic, Persian, and English. The project was funded by the European Commission — Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, and was part of UNHCR’s community-based projects initiative, aimed at meeting refugee’s needs. Discussions were held with refugees here, who identified a library as a way to occupy children’s time and help peaceful coexistence in the camp.


Date: 2016
Location: Filippiada Camp, Greece
Photographer: Yorgos Kyvernitis
Source: UNHCR/Yorgos Kyvernitis


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