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Teacher professional development and classroom resources across the curriculum

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Essential Lens: Analyzing Photographs Across the Curriculum is a production of Oregon Public Broadcasting, based in Portland, Oregon.

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is an award-winning producer of formal and informal educational resources for teachers and students with expertise in traditional and new media productions. OPB also produces popular PBS prime-time television, and online media including the acclaimed history program, History Detectives, and science and history program, Time Team America.

Working closely with national academic experts and advisory boards, OPB produces curriculum materials in the humanities and sciences at the middle and high school level, as well as teacher professional development. All educational curriculum and PBS television series include interactive websites, teacher and student materials, mobile apps, and other resources to bring content alive.

OPB is a proud producer of multimedia courses for Annenberg Learner. These include American Passages: A Literary Survey, Artifacts & Fiction: Workshop in American Literature, Rediscovering Biology: Molecular to Global Perspectives, Bridging World History, and Mathematics Illuminated.

HUB Collective, Ltd.

HUB’s focus is on companies that have their marketing strategy defined and need fresh creative to bring it to life. We translate intellectual strategy and make it an experience, seamlessly communicating the brand’s message across every medium and touch point. Our ten+ years as a studio help us see around corners and hear what you’re not saying. HUB created the Essential Lens logo and video animation.

RMC Research Corporation

Clients have included several federal, state, and private agencies including the National Science Foundation; United States Departments of Education, Justice, Labor, and Health and Human Services; the Alliance for a Healthier Generation; Scholastic, Inc.; and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Offices are located in New Hampshire, Colorado, Virginia, Florida, and Oregon. The Oregon office of RMC Research Corporation performed the formative evaluation for the series.

Video and Website Production Credits

Executive Producer Catherine Stimac
Video Producers Beth Harrington and Eric Slade
Senior Web Developer and Designer Heather Young
Senior Designer LaVerne Heiman-Layton
Senior Associate Producer Ann Suckow McGarry
Associate Producers Ashley Michael Karitis, Tracey Whitney
Camera Greg Bond, Tom Shrider, Todd Sonfleith
Audio Ted Cutler, Randy Layton, William Ward
Editors Greg Bond, Nicolas Fisher, Tom Shrider
Post Production Michael Bendixen, Steve Hoyt, Jonathan Newsome
Post Associate Producer Michaela Santen
Audio Engineer Steven Vaughn Kray
Copy Editor Jennifer Ingraham
Assistant Text Editors Kate McMahon, Kelsey Wallace
Researcher Carol Sherman
Original Theme Music Brian Sussman
Narrator October Moore
Production Interns Krysta Maksim, Jo Mancuso
Production Management Cheri Arbini, Susan Boyd, Stacy Carroll Coonfield
Production Services Lisa Miyamoto
Legal Services Rebecca Morris, Kathleen Susco
Business Affairs Susan Smith
Vice President, Television Production David Davis
Executive in Charge of Production Steven M. Bass
Annenberg Learner Program Officer Michele McLeod

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