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Session 8 Materials:

Number Session 8: Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning

In this session, we will look at ways to interpret, model and work with rational numbers. We will examine various ways to determine the "unit" of the ratio we're expressing with a rational number and to explore the basics of proportional reasoning.

For information on required and/or optional materials, see Note 1.

In This Session:

Part A:

Interpreting Fractions, Units, and Unitizing

Part B:

Fractions With Cuisenaire Rods

Part C:

Absolute and Relative Reasoning



Learning Objectives

In this session, you will do the following:


Understand fractions in both part-part and part-whole interpretations


Understand units and unitizing


Learn how to use Cuisenaire Rods to represent and model computation with fractions


Understand the differences between absolute and relative thinking and their relationships to mathematical operations


Learn that proportional reasoning is an example of relative or multiplicative thinking

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Throughout the session you will be prompted to view short video segments. In addition to these excerpts, you may choose to watch the full-length video of this session.


Previously Introduced:

New in This Session:


rational numbers

absolute comparison
part-part interpretation
part-whole interpretation
relative comparison


Cuisenaire ® Rods are used with permission of ETA/Cuisenaire®.

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