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Session 1: What Is a Number System?
Noticing Patterns
Identity and Inverse Elements
Constructing Irrational Numbers

Session 2: Number Sets, Infinity, and Zero
Number Sets
Comparing the Size of Number Sets
The Size of Infinity
Exploring the Graph

Session 3: Place Value
Converting to Base Two
Computers and Base Two
Base Four
Computers Today

Session 4: Meanings and Models for Operations
Quotative and Partitive Division
Using Manipulatives
Another Model

Session 5: Divisibility Tests and Factors
Divisibility by Six
Why Does It Work?
Divisibility by Four

Session 6: Number Theory
Modeling GCF
Modeling LCM
Locating Prime Numbers
Large Primes

Session 7: Fractions and Decimals
Unit Fractions and Decimals
Predicting Remainders
Converting Decimals to Fractions
Numbers in Ancient Bablyonia

Session 8: Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning
Modeling Operations With Fractions
Absolute and Relative Reasoning

Session 9: Fractions, Percents, and Ratios
Modeling Multiplication of Fractions
Golden Rectangle in Architecture

Session 10: Classroom Case Studies

Grades K-2:

Susan Weiss: 2nd Grade, Solomon Schechter Day School

Grades 3-5:

Donna Donnell: 5th Grade, Swasey Central School

Grades 6-8:

Victoria Miles: 7th Grade, Abigail Adams Intermediate School


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