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Session 1: What Is Geometry?
Describing Geometric Designs
Constructing Triangles
Defining Basic Objects in Geometry

Session 2: Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Rules for making Triangles
Another Rule for Making Triangles
Building Toothpick Towers

Session 3: Polygons
Finding Hidden Polygons
Testing Definitions
Demonstrating Sum of Angles in a Triangle
Sum of Angles in a Polygon

Session 4: Parallel Lines and Circles
Inscirbed Angle in a Semicircle
Constructing with Circles

Session 5: Dissections and Proof
Transforming Shapes
Window Making and Proof

Session 6: Pythagorean Theorem
Calculating Area of Squares on a Triangle
Proving Angles and Areas of Squares

Session 7: Symmetry
Reflecting with Perpendicular Bisectors
Exploring Angles of Rotation

Session 8: Similarity
Comparing Copies
Estimating Height with Mirrors
Similar Triangles and Radiation Therapy

Session 9: Solids
Constructing Platonic Solids
Representing 3-D Figures in 2-D

Session 10: Classroom Case Studies

Grades K-2:

Rose Christiansen: 2nd Grade, Lincoln School

Grades 3-5:

Michelle Kurchian: 5th Grade, Alice M. Barrows Elementary School

Grades 6-8:

Catalina Saenz: 6th Grade, Roxbury Prep Charter School


Heidi Weber: 8th Grade, F.A. Day Middle School


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