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Web Site Production Credits

Learning Math: Geometry is a production of WGBH Interactive and WGBH Educational Programming and Outreach for Annenberg Media.

Copyright © 2003 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.

Senior Producer
Ted Sicker

Curriculum Director
Denise Blumenthal

Content Developer
Michelle Manes, Mathematics Teacher and Education Consultant

Curriculum Developer
Anna Brooks

Project Manager
Sanda Zdjelar

Special Projects Assistant
Nina Farouk

Core Advisors
Suzanne Chapin
Srdjan Divac
Carol Findell
Bowen Kerins

Plum Crane
Lisa Rosenthal
Christian Wise

Web Developers
Joe Brandt
Kirsten Connelly
Bob Donohue
Peter Pinch

Online Video Segment Coordinator
Mary Susan Blout

Business Managers
Walter Gadecki
Joe Karaman

Unit Managers
Maria Constantinides
Adriana Sacchi

With the assistance of
Geoffrey Dixon
Stephani Roberts Lincoln
Yasmin Madan
Kate Smyres
Julie Wolf

Video Series Production Credits    Back to top

Learning Math: Geometry is a production of WGBH Educational Foundation for Annenberg Media.

Executive Producer
Michele Korf

Senior Project Director
Amy Tonkonogy

John Browne

Content Developer/Facilitator
Michelle Manes, Mathematics Teacher and Education Consultant

Nicholas Branca, San Diego State University, CA
Miriam Leiva, University of North Carolina, Charlotte
Carol Malloy, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Bill Masalski, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Arthur Powell, Rutgers-Newark College of Arts and Sciences, NJ

Content Editor
Srdjan Divac, Harvard University, MA

On Location Consultants
Kenton G. Findell
Bowen Kerins

Miguel Picker

Additional Editing
Dickran H. Manoogian

Associate Producers
Irena Fayngold
Pamela Lipton

Project Manager
Sanda Zdjelar

Production Manager
Mary Ellen Gardiner

Post Production Associate Producer
Peter Villa

Production Manager
Mary Ellen Gardiner

Post Production Associate Producer
Peter Villa

Location Coordinator
Mary Susan Blout

Teacher Liaison
Lisa Eure

Set Assistant
Elena Graceffa

Bill Charette
Lance Douglas
Larry LeCain
Steve McCarthy
Dillard Morrison
David Rabinovitz

Steve Bores
Chris Bresnahan
Charlie Collias
Jose Leon
Dennis McCarthy
Gilles Morin

Timothy Barney
Ravi Blatt
Joe Gudema
Justin Hartery
Aimee Jones

Gaye Korbet
Daryl Myers
Alisa Placas

Content Graphics
Mark Geffen
John O'Brien

On-line Editors
David Eells
John O'Brien

Sound Mix
John Jenkins
Dan Lesiw

Original Music
Tom Martin

Additional Music
Concerto in G Major, J.B. de Boismortier

John Tyson

Frances Conover Fitch

Jane Starkman, Kathryn Shaw

Jann Cosart

Alice Robbins

Tom Coleman
Double Bass

Jeff Loeb

Business Manager
Joe Karaman

Unit Manager
Maria Constantinides

Office Coordinators
Justin Brown
Laurie Wolf

Special Thanks   Back to top

Session 2: Triangles and Quadrilaterals: Boston's New Bridge
Kirk Elwell
Lead Field Engineer
Bechtel/Parsons Brinkerhoff

Session 3: Polygons: Three-Dimensional Printing
David Russell
Director of Engineering
Z Corporation

Marina Hatsopoulos
Z Corporation

Tom Clay
Z Corporation

Session 4: Parallel Lines and Circles: Three-Dimensional Maps
Seth Teller
Associate Professor
Lab for Computer Science, MIT

Hilary Karls
Student, MIT

Priya Agrawal
Student, MIT

Session 5: Dissections and Proof: Window Making and Proof
Jim Ialeggio
Architectural Detail In Wood

Session 6: The Pythagorean Theorem: The Pythagorean Theorem and 18th-Century Cranes
Rick Brown
Massachusetts College of Art
Wyly Brown

Session 7: Symmetry: Wooden Boats and Line Symmetry
Nat Benjamin
Gannon and Benjamin Marine Railway

Session 8: Similarity: Similar Triangles and Radiation Therapy
Dr. Anita Mahajan
Radiation Oncologist
Tufts - New England Medical Center

Maxon J. Buscher
Chief Dosimetrist
Tufts - New England Medical Center

Jason K. Talkington
Medical Dosimetry Student
Tufts - New England Medical Center

Sandra John-Baptiste, R.T.T.
Medical Dosimetry Student
Tufts - New England Medical Center

Kevin O'Leary
Tufts - New England Medical Center

Sean O'Leary
Tufts - New England Medical Center

Session 9: Solids: Architecture and Solid Geometry
Ann Beha
Ann Beha Architects

Session 10: Classroom Case Studies
Michelle Kurchian, Alice M. Barrows Elementary School, Reading, MA
Catalina Saenz, Roxbury Preparatory Charter School, Roxbury, MA
Heidi Weber, F.A. Day Middle School, Newton, MA

Site Location
Ferryway School, Malden, MA


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