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10. How We Organize Knowledge - The Structure of the Disciplines

Questions for Reflection

Question 1: In the elementary classroom, Julie Helber asks the students how to record their results for their experiment. Wouldn't it be more efficient and save time for her to provide a table or chart for the students to record their results? Wouldn't this provide more consistency?

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Question 2: Julie Helber states that she wants her students to err in their experimentation. Will students become frustrated if they continually err? Is there a certain point in an inquiry in which the teacher should intervene?

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Question 3: It sounds like there is a lot of student interaction and discussion taking place in Julie Helber's classroom. With the curriculum demands an elementary teacher incurs, how does she cover the curriculum and still take the time for these discussions?

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Question 4: I noticed that in the 10th grade science classroom Mary Edmunds has her students working in groups of four to six students. How does she ensure the participation of all group members?

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Question 5: When Mary Edmunds' students broke the shell she created a learning opportunity for the students by exploring the membrane. How does she keep the students on track and at a similar pace as the other students in the class?

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Question 6: There is a lot of discussion regarding human rights and governance in Avram Barlowe's classroom, and the students are actively engaged. Does he record the students' ideas for later comparisons and reflections? What other methods does he employ beyond classroom discussion?

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Question 7: Why is it important for Avram Barlowe to use primary source materials in his history class?

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Question 8: How explicit does the teacher have to be in communicating the structure of the discipline to students?

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