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Feathered helmet (mahiole)Feathered helmet (mahiole)Hawaiian artist, PolynesiaCourt DressCourt DressBritish artistWoman’s Mantle (chyrpy)Woman’s Mantle (chyrpy)Tekke artist, Turkmen, TurkmenistanBag (taghrek)Bag (taghrek)Andi Ouhoulou (Tuareg, Kel Ewey, n.d.), Agadez, NigerTar Beach 2Tar Beach 2Faith Ringgold (American, b. 1930)Blocks, Strips, Strings, and Half-Squares QuiltBlocks, Strips, Strings, and Half-Squares QuiltMary Lee Bendolph (American, b. 1935), Gee’s Bend Quilter’s Collective, Gee’s Bend, ALThe Orchard (also called The Seasons)The Orchard (also called The Seasons)William Morris (British, English, 1834–1896) and John Henry Dearle (British, 1860–1932) (designers)
Tent Door Cover (ensi)Tent Door Cover (ensi)Turkmen (Turkoman) artistKirghiz YurtKirghiz YurtKirghiz maker(s)Honeycomb QuiltHoneycomb QuiltElizabeth Van Horne Clarkson (American, 1771–1852)“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”“Sisilia Sii–Weaver”Flores Island, IndonesiaLienzo of IhuitlanLienzo of IhuitlanMexican School, Oaxaca“Many fall in battle and King Harold is killed” (detail) from the Bayeux Tapestry“Many fall in battle and King Harold is killed” (detail) from the Bayeux TapestryUnknown artist(s), France or EnglandMy Love Sings When the Flower is Near (The Philosopher and the Woman)My Love Sings When the Flower is Near (The Philosopher and the Woman)Angelo Filomeno (Italian, b. 1963)
Dorsal Headdress (meiityk-re kru wapu)Dorsal Headdress (meiityk-re kru wapu)Kayapó Mekrãgnoti artist, Brazil

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