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Life Science: Session 8

Scientist at Work

Dr. Nicky Sheats

Dr. Nicky Sheats received his Ph.D. in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University in 2000, where his field of study was biological oceanography with a focus in stable isotope biogeochemistry. His doctoral dissertation focused on determining if sewage nitrogen was being incorporated into the food webs of the Delaware River Estuary and Massachusetts Bay. Currently Dr. Sheats is researching urban air pollution as a post-doctoral fellow at the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

Dr. Charles Tyler

In 1989, Dr. Charles Tyler started work at the Professional Services Group, Inc. as an operations specialist on the Boston Harbor Project (BHP), where he contributed to operational planning and operational review and input to the conceptual and detailed design of the 1.27 billion-gallon-per-day wastewater facility on Deer Island. After working for over five years with the construction management firm on the BHP, Tyler "jumped the fence" and joined the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority as a project manager in the process group, a group of specialists who focused on punchlisting and construction turnover, and the start-up of the newly-constructed facilities on Deer Island. Tyler, who began his career in wastewater operations in 1977, now works on operations and maintenance with technical and process issues in Deer Island ’s effort to keep the huge facility operating optimally.

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