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Life Science: Session 7

Curriculum Resources: SCIS 3+

SCIS 3+ consists of 13 units and spans from kindergarten through sixth grade. The concepts developed in each unit of SCIS 3+ are elaborated upon throughout the program.

Students acquire a strong background for building scientific literacy that enables them to make intelligent decisions about their environment and the world in which they live.

Completely activity-based, the SCIS 3+ approach is based upon current research as to how children learn. The original program, SCIS, integrated the learning theories of Jean Piaget. Using the Learning Cycle strategy, students are led to discover concepts through their investigations with a wide variety of manipulative materials and live organisms.

SCIS 3+ is a revision of the work of the Science Curriculum Improvement Study, which was developed at the Physics Department and the Lawrence Hall of Science of the University of California at Berkeley with the support of the National Science Foundation. Development of SCIS 3+ was supported and copyrighted by Delta Education. For more information, contact:

Delta Education, Inc.
phone: 1-800-258-1302

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