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Life Science: Session 4

Sally Florkiewicz, Lakewood, CO

Sally Florkiewicz

“The best part about teaching life science is that I think the kids really relate to it. It gives them a hands-on experience. They can actually sit and observe something and relate to it. Some of the other sciences are a little bit more abstract and they’re not able to have that hands-on experience, so it’s life science that they really enjoy.”

School at a Glance:
Glennon Heights Elementary School
Lakewood, CO

  • Enrollment: 257
  • Students per Teacher: 15.9
  • Ethnicity:
    72% White
    17.5% Hispanic
    7.5% Asian
    1.5% American Indian
  • Percentage of students receiving free or reduced-price lunch: 18% versus a state average of 32%

Like Mary Bitterlich, Sally Florkiewicz teaches third grade in Glennon Heights in Lakewood, CO.

Sally says that the best part about teaching life science is that her students love it. “They’re natural little scientists,” she explains. “They’re always asking questions, always wondering, and always wanting to observe how things work.”

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