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Life Science: Field Population System

Track Our Progress: Assessing Variation

Click on one of the three growing systems in either of the pictures below to see a close-up of one of our Assessing Variation systems either 2 or 5 days after planting. Also examine the close ups of the fully grown fast plants and turnips at the bottom of the page and note the differences between these different varieties of the Brassica rapa species. See the Assessing Variation activity instructions for questions to consider and use the Assessing Variation Data Sheet (PDF) to record your observations of variation in the three plant populations. Then, share your results on the discussion board.

Day 2

day 2 fast plants day 2 turnips day 2 lettuce


Day 5

day 5 fast plants day 5 turnips day 5 lettuce


Day 12 - Fast Plants Close-Up

Fast plant closeup


Day 12 - Turnips Close-Up

Turnip closeup

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